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Whatever question you might have, we are here to help you. Our sales staff is available most hours of the day and will make an effort to meet your wishes and guide you toward the right purchase. 

Easy and safe trading 

At Trucklagert.dk we know, that forklifts and warehouse equipment often is an important resource in many industries. At the same time, it can be a large investment. That is why we offer personal and .. - to insure that you make the 

er derfor vigtigt, at du får den rette rådgivning fra en start. Derfor er du altid velkommen til at kontakte os. Vi står til rådighed de fleste af døgnets timer enten via mail, telefon eller personlig fremmøde. 

Tag et kig i vores store lagerliste og find din næste maskine. Vi er klar til at lave et uforpligtende tilbud til dig.

Vi laver også gerne en video af maskinen til dig, så du kan få alle detaljer med. For os er det vigtigt, at du føler sig tryg i din handel. 


We ship worldwide

We get a little proud, every time one of our forklifts can benefit new owners around the world. To us, recycling is an important factor and when our stock list contains the right forklift for your exact needs, we will be happy shipping it to you. Whether it is a 16 ton diesel truck or a brand new electric stacker - we will deliver. 

Our relations to professional shipping companies makes it easy for us to arrange the freight to any country in the world. Off course you are also welcome to arrange it yourself. 

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We are happy, when you are happy

As a supplier, we share the responsibility that comes with choosing the right machine for the right task. We are the experts in this field and we are happy to share our knowledge, so that you can make the right purchase with peace of mind.

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